Building a Bridge Between Israel and the Diaspora

Jewish communities around the world face assimilation, weakening of Jewish identity and weakened ties to The State of Israel. There is a dearth of dynamic, idealistic educators who can serve as role models of the successful merging of a deeply religious lifestyle with full integration in modern culture and ideals. 

Torah MiTzion stands in the forefront of the battle for the future of the Jewish people in the Diaspora. We offer religious-Zionist Torah scholarship to Jewish communities throughout the world and strengthen the bond between the Jewish people in the Diaspora and in Israel via the study of Torah.

We believe in the power of deep personal relationships, coupled with Torah learning, to bring Jews closer to their identity. Therefore, we establish community-based Torah Learning Centers (Batei Midrash), both physical and virtual. The Centers invite and enable every Jew around the world, whatever his denomination of current knowledge level, to learn and actively interact with their brethren and their Jewish heritage.

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Lilmod is an online Beit Midrash that allows students from all around the world to participate in high-level shiurim…

כפתור הגש מועמדות


Torah MiTzion’s impact on communities is achieved through a wide variety of educational and social programs.

פעילות משפחה לומדת

Shlichut Models

Torah MiTzion’s activity includes 3 main programs: Kollel Tzioni, Community Beit Midrash and Women Batei Midrash


Without the presence of the Torah MiTzion shlichim in my community, it’s unlikely I would have ever made aliyah.  I am proud that the future generations of my family will be living in Israel with thanks to Torah MiTzion.

Erik Claster

from Kansas City to Efrat , Watch full video

Torah MiTzion has empowered the Zionist tendencies of the community, increased the number of students choosing to study in Israel, number of families travelling to Israel, and ultimately individuals making aliyah. We live in an unprecedented generation where Israel is at the center of Jewish life. Torah MiTzion serves to foster the connection of the Jewish people around the world to this reality.

Eddie Shostak

Former Executive Director, Torah MiTzion Montreal

The Torah MiTzion shlichim helped me find a path that I would never have followed if I did not attend their lectures and learn with them one on one in ‘chavruta’. .

Brian Mogy

Torah MiTzion Learner, Memphis Tennessee