For the third year running we held an online seminar in French on 9 Be’Av.

As part of our French ‘Lilmod’ program we are happy to provide a high quality seminar with 6 shiurim given by leading speakers and Rabbis – Rabbi Shaul David Botchko (Head of the Hesder Yeshiva Haeichal Eliyahu), Rabbi Mordechai Sherki (Head of the Ramchal Institute), Rabbi Yoel Ben Arush (painter and artist), Dr. Eliyahu Botbol, Eli Klin, and Roni Akrish.

The number of participants is steadily growing, and this year we has 100-150 learners in every shiur, with over 400 participants!

Our technological platform allows participants to connect online, via computer, laptop of smartphone. Learners can be an active part of the shiur, ask questions and even be part of discussions, with the teacher or between the students themselves.

Building on our success, we are already planning a similar seminar in preparation for the upcoming High Holiday season.

We invite all French (and German and Russian) speakers to participate in a varied and inspirational array of weekly shiurim, offering shiurim nearly every day of the week (participation fees are requested but not obligatory).

Registration and more information here