About Torah MiTzion


Torah MiTzion was founded in 1996 to establish a global network of community-based Torah Learning Centers (Batei Midrash). The Centers invite and enable every Jew around the world, whatever their denomination or current knowledge level, to learn and actively interact with their fellow Jews and to engage with their own Jewish heritage. 

The Torah Learning Centers are staffed by high-impact, dynamic, educational emissaries (shlichim), men and women, singles and families. They all possess a deep knowledge of and love for Torah studies and have served in the IDF or did National Service, thus exemplifying an idealistic model of commitment to both Judaism and Zionism. Their duties in the communities include one-on-one (chavruta) learning, formal and informal education, implementing community events and hosting smaller, more personalized activities (e.g Shabbat dinners) for individuals and families in the community.

 Our time-tested Theory of Change posits that our learning centers (Batei Midrash) create a strengthening of Jewish identity, higher rates of affiliation and observance, stronger ties to Israel and increased Aliyah.

In 2016, Torah MiTzion received the prestigious 5776 Jerusalem Prize!
“For her inspiring work strengthening ties between Jewish communities abroad with the Torah of Israel and the Land of Israel, and for the establishment of centers of Torah and empowering young leadership”!

The Need

We live in a world where the connection between Israel and the Diaspora has become a choice and not a commitment.

Today we are faced with the unusual phenomenon of a vibrant Jewish life existing in both Israel and in the Diaspora, each with its own successes and challenges. Many Jews view each community as self-sustainable and completely independent and the historical – taken for granted – synergy between these communities and Israel is not present in the same way. This has consequences on the formation of Jewish identity, assimilation levels, interest in aliyah (immigrating to Israel), and a changed feeling of responsibility for the wellbeing of others. Contrary to the past, the connection between Israel and the Diaspora cannot be taken for granted anymore.

The Vision

We believe that the creation of Torah Learning Centers built on the power of deep personal relationships, coupled with Torah learning, can bring Jews closer to each other and thereby rekindle their Jewish identity, foster a love for learning and a commitment to Israel. These centers are staffed by value driven, Israeli, Torah observant shlichim who are able to model a Religious-Zionist way of life infused with a love for Israel. Through their dedication to learning and a love for others, they form strong relationships in their communities and create experiences that allow participants to experience living a rich Jewish life with Israel at its heart.

As a result of this initiative there are now 17 communities worldwide with rich centers of learning that are committed to their synagogues, Jewish day schools, camps and other institutions. The participants from these communities are learning Torah, visiting Israel, making aliyah and are now able to model their experiences for others.

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