About Torah MiTzion

Start with “Why” 

Jewish communities around the world face assimilation, weakening of Jewish identity and weakened ties to The State of Israel. There is a dearth of dynamic, idealistic educators who can serve as role models of the successful merging of a deeply religious lifestyle with full integration in modern culture and ideals.  

Torah MiTzion stands in the forefront of the battle for the future of the Jewish people in the Diaspora. We offer religious-Zionist Torah scholarship to Jewish communities throughout the world and strengthen the bond between the Jewish people in the Diaspora and in Israel via the study of Torah. 


We believe in the power of deep personal relationships, coupled with Torah learning, to bring Jews closer to their identity. Therefore, we establish community-based Torah Learning Centers (Batei Midrash), both physical and virtual. The Centers invite and enable every Jew around the world, whatever his denomination of current knowledge level, to learn and actively interact with their brethren and their Jewish heritage.  

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What – Educational Emissaries (Shlichim):  

Our expertise is at providing high-impact, dynamic, educational shlichim who learnt advanced Torah studies and served in the IDF, thus exemplifying an idealistic model of commitment to both Judaism and Zionism. Their duties in the communities include one-on-one (chavruta) learning, formal and informal education, community events and hosting. We happily invite every Jew with a thirst to learn and connect to Judaism and Israel. 

The success stories our shlichim share are awe-inspiring; Families who take upon themselves to keep Shabbat in Warsaw, teen delegations from Memphis to the annual AIPAC convention, parents from Sydney who begin learning Judaism with their children, a young couple in Mexico that made their kitchen Kosher, students from Munich who make Aliyah and more and more. The deep personal relationship forged between our shlichim and the community members last for many years, and create a living bridge between Israel and the Diaspora. 

Over the past 23 years, we have dispatched 1,360 shlichim.  In 2017-18 alone, shlichim in 18 communities learned 14,000 chavruta hours with community members, gave 3,800 lectures and arranged some 700 events with 46,000 participants! 

The impact our shlichim have over time is telling – more Jews who choose to learn Torah, more connection to Israel and more Aliyah. 

What – Women’s Torah Learning 

The Women’s Beit Midrash Program promotes women’s learning.  While our existing female staff (shlichot) have done this de facto for many years, we are now formalizing and expanding the program. 

Our shlichot (both married and single) serve as a source of inspiration for girls and women in our host communities. They are empowered to independently learn and teach Torah, and thus deepen their involvement and commitment to their Jewish identity. 

In addition, the program offers aspiring women in Israel who have invested in Torah learning (Talmidot Chachamot) an opportunity to take upon themselves significant leadership roles. We are gratified to see how these gifted women later utilize the tools they learn on shlichut to better Israeli society as well. 

We currently have 16 shlichot, spread out in 12 communities, from Nashville to Melbourne and from Montevideo to Moscow. 


What – Lilmod.org (Online Interactive Beit Midrash) 

Many Jews do not have access to Shlichim in their community, and often look online for added Jewish content. While there are nearly limitless Jewish resources online, nearly all of them are in English or Hebrew, and very few allow live interactions with teachers or other learners. 

Having analyzed the need, we launched in 2012 a new project: ‘Lilmod.org’. Lilmod is an online, interactive Beit Midrash that allows students from all around the world to listen to, and participate in high-level shiurim in German, Russian and French.  Our unique model allows us to recruit the best lecturers from around the world, who give semester-long courses on a wide range of subjects – Hebrew, Tanach, Israeli Hasbara, Jewish history, Jewish thought, Zionism and more.  

With hundreds of active weekly participants, our portal hosts 3-4 classes every day! 

Did you know? 

In 2016, Torah MiTzion received the prestigious 5776 Jerusalem Prize! “For her inspiring work strengthening ties between Jewish communities abroad with the Torah of Israel and the Land of Israel, and for the establishment of centers of Torah and empowering young leadership”!