In Memory



Larry Roth z"l

Former President

Larry Roth was a key founding partner of Torah MiTzion.  The Roth family made Aliyah from Syracuse, New York, to Jerusalem in 1990.  Larry bridged worlds with his unique personality. He connected people to each other, to their Judaism and to their Land. Like Aharon HaKohen, he loved peace and pursued it, loved people and brought them closer to Torah (Avot 1:12). Larry served as chairman until his untimely death in 2011 at the age of seventy.

Larry dedicated his time energy and resources to ensuring the success of Torah MiTzion.  Larry and Torah MiTzion’s mission were one as he believed in inspiring Diaspora Jewry with religious Zionist role models equally committed to defending their people and to learning and teaching Torah.  Larry Roth was an integral part of Torah MiTzion and his spirit lives on in every one of our centers around the world.

Dr. Moshe Green z"l

Former President

A man of wisdom, devotion, sensitivity and scholarship. Active, philanthropic, vigorous, a tzadik and a gentleman. An exemplary model of Religious Zionism at its best, who planted the roots of Judaism on the four corners of the world.

Dr Moshe Green served as the founding Chairman of the Torah MiTzion. Dr. Green was a respected accountant and lawyer by profession who dedicated his life to advancing Jewish Education, in Israel and the Diaspora. Dr Green also fulfilled many important public roles. He symbolized “Torah Umaddah” with every fibre of his soul and personally assisted thousands of students in making their academic careers possible.

Dr. Moshe Green Z”L passed away Erev Shabbat, 11 June 1999/ 27 Sivan 5749, at the height of his public activities leaving a great void behind him.

Haim Zohar z"l

Former Vice President

Haim Zohar was involved with Torah Mitzion since its founding, serving as vice-chairman for 8 years, and proffering advice, counsel and support in a multitude of ways.  Haim Zohar’s career in public service spanned six decades and involved many of Israel’s major institutions — security, education, journalism, foreign affairs, diplomacy, aliyah absorption, government, Jewish Agency and non- profit organizations.   His experience, knowledge, contacts and spirit of giving of himself were invaluable to Torah Mitzion.

While continuing to stress the importance of Israel through strengthening Jewish education in the Diaspora, Haim never forgot about one of numerous memos he wrote based on his observations of Jewish life in the Diaspora.  This one memo — about the need to establish religious-Zionist kollelim, whose purpose would be to promote and encourage ahavat eretz yisrael through indepth Torah studies — lay dormant in his drawer for many years.  So, when Dr. Moshe Green z”l approached Haim in 1997, Haim decided that Torah Mitzion was the perfect realization of his own thoughts and he did not hesitate to join.

Eyal Yaverbaum hy"d

Former Shaliach

Eyal Yaverbaum served as a devoted shaliach Torah MiTzion in Montevideo during the year 5760 (2000-2001) .  During his shlichut Eyal had a profound impact on his community, especially students and youth.  Several former members of the Montevidio community made aliyah as a result of the inspiration that they received from Eyal.  One example among many of Eyal’s dedication to the community saw him walk several hours late one Shabbat night (through some partly dangerous neighborhoods) in order to accompany three siblings who had joined the shlichim for the Friday night meal and oneg.  After this close encounter with Eyal, the entire family became more observant until making aliyah several years later.

Eyal was born in Rechovot in 1976 to Dudi and Shoshi.  He attended the Yeshiva High School in Efrat while serving as a Bnei Akiva madrich in Tekoa.  Afterwards, Eyal studied at the Otniel Hesder Yeshiva where he developed a special appreciation for Chasidut.  Eyal served in the Armored Corps of the IDF and attended the Officers course.  He and friends from the Yeshiva established a new army outpost called Nogahot.  It was upon completing his 5th year of Hesder that Eyal set out for his year abroad with Torah MiTzion together with Yuval Reinman under the direction of Rosh Kollel Rav Yuki and Rachel Meir.

In 2002 Eyal married Sarah and the two established their ‘bayit’ in Nogahot where he was active in growing the community and helping others.  On the night of Rosh Hashana in 2004 a terrorist entered the yishuv while Eyal and Sarah were entertaining guests.   Eyal answered the door but quickly discovered what lurked outside and locked the door.  The terrorist sprayed the caravan with gunfire killing both Eyal and the baby of the Yaverbaum’s guests, Shaked Avraham HY”D.

One year later, a book entitled “Zchuyot K’Rimon” was published in Eyal’s memory including uplifting essays relating to Rosh Hashanah.

Dudi Willinger z"l

Former Shaliach

Dudi was a Torah MiTzion shaliach in Cleveland in 2005-06. He went on shlichut along with his good friend from his Yeshiva, Uriel Nizri.

During his shlichut Dudi developed many unique relationships with members of the community, and he diligently kept in touch with his friends from Cleveland long after his shlichut ended and he returned to Israel. When they came to visit in Israel he always made the effort to meet them as they landed, and he helped them in any way possible during their stay.

He was a great man, loved by many.

Tragically Dudi was killed in a car accident on the 21st of Iyar 5768 (May 26th 2008)

He left behind his parents, Ben Tzion and Shoshana.

One of his brothers, Aharon, chose to follow his footsteps as a shaliach, this time in Washington (2016-17)

May His Memory Be A Blessing