North American shabbaton
North American shabbaton
North American Shabbaton

At the end of this past week, Zeev, Yoav and Hasida departed to the annual North American Shlichim Shabbaton which took place in Mexico City.

The shabbaton was kicked off with the arrival of all the North American shlichim in Mexico City on Wednesday. Upon their arrival, the shlichim received an overview of the country, the Jewish community, and the Yavneh community that is hosting the shabbaton, given by Rabbi Aharele Wasserman. The Torah MiTzion staff waited to hear from each shaliach about their shlichut, followed by words of welcome from Rabbi Efraim Sauer, Rabbi of the Yavne community, everyone continued to catch up throughout a celebratory dinner! 

Thursday began with an interesting lecture given by Zeev, after which the Shlichim went on a trip in the city: the families enjoyed a cruise in the floating gardens of Sucuzmilko and the boys visited the famous pyramids! The day continued with group workshops and a joint learning session given by Rabbi Shai Froindlich, currently Rabbi of the Ramat Shalom community and formerly a Rosh Kollel in Montevideo.  

On Friday the Shlichim visited the Yavne school, where they met the students and gave a variety of lessons and activities. They even had the chance to join a soccer game against the school team! After engaging lectures and workshops, the Shlichim prepared for an especially festive Shabbat in the Yavne community. The schedule included a musical Kabbalat Shabbat and Havdala, a Tisch with the community, Divrei Torah and community-wide meals.

Yoav continued his trip and visited various Torah MiTzion locations in North America! We see the site visits as a significant part of our ongoing support and guidance. The unmediated visit allows for our staff to get to know and understand the communities’ needs better and for the shlichim to present their day-to-day achievements and challenges.