Zeev Schwartz just returned from a highly successful trip in Australia. Zeev participated in the annual Mizrachi Australia Religious Zionist convention. The convention, which took place in Perth this year, brings together rabbis, educators and shlichim from all the Religious Zionist organizations across the continent – Torah MiTzion, Mizrachi, Bnei Akiva and Bat Ami. Rabbi Yuval Cherlow – Rosh Yeshivat Hesder Raanana, Rabbi Doron Peretz, CEO of The World Mizrachi Movement and Zeev Schwartz our CEO, were guests from Israel

During the weekend Zeev gave a lecture to the shlichim about ‘Gratefulness’, inspired by Sergeant Avinoam Cohen z”l, who was killed in a training accident five months ago. After his death his family found a ‘Thank You Notebook’ in which he kept lists of      things to be thankful for. Every Shaliach was given a notebook to write his personal thank yous in

Later Zeev wrote Gila, Avinoam’s mother a personal message

“Shalom Gila, I hope you are well. I am on my way back to Israel after having taught about the value of Gratefulness, along with matching source sheets, which we also used in our previous shabbaton in Berlin

We showed a movie about Avinoam z”l and gave out ‘Thank You Notebooks’ to all the participants

The shlichim shared their own experiences, and were very moved by the idea. I recommended they utilize Avinoam’s idea for their Yom Hazikaron activities as well. We all have so much to learn from Avinoam and his personality

I strengthen you at this time, knowing that his legacy is being spread throughout world Jewry

Chizku Ve’Imtzu

Gila wrote back

“I was greatly moved by your words and the pictures you sent. Thank you for helping to spread the Thank You Notebooks in memory of Avinoam z”l.

Thank you

We wish all the Australian shlichim good luck and a fruitful year