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Erev Pesach on Shabbat Rabbi Eliezer Melamed N. פסח - Pesach הלכה - Halacha מועדים - Holidays text English
Counting Blessings…and Calories – 5769 Rabbi Eliezer Melamed הלכה - Halacha text English שבת מציון
The Laws of the Succah – 5769 Rabbi Eliezer Melamed E. סוכות - Sukkot text English שבת מציון
Starting the New Year on the Right Foot – 5768 Rabbi Eliezer Melamed A. ראש השנה - Rosh HaShana text English שבת מציון
The Laws of Elul and Selichot – 5768 Rabbi Eliezer Melamed English