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Shiur Author Category Media Language Community
Written Dvar Torah The Nation, the Individual, and Teshuva Itzik Amar ניצנים - Nitzavim text English
The Coincedence, and the War against Amalek Itzik Amar כי תצא - Ki Tetze פרשת זכור - Parshat Zachor text English שבת מציון
Kohanim And Wings Itzik Amar אמור - Emor text English
Haste And The Mitzvot Itzik Amar שמיני - Shmini text English
The Sacrifice, The Kohen, And The Individual Itzik Amar ויקרא - Vayikra צו - Tzav text English שבת מציון
An Altar of Earth and an Altar of Gold – Two Approaches in the Service of God Itzik Amar תרומה - Trumah text English
The Harmony Within Ya’akov’s Character Itzik Amar ויצא - Vayetze text English
Avraham, Avimelech, And Yitzchak Itzik Amar תולדות - Toldot text English שבת מציון
The Meaning Of The Name Of Chanukah Itzik Amar חנוכה - Channukah text English
“This Joy – What Does It Do?” (Kohelet 2:2) Itzik Amar שמיני עצרת - Shmini Atzeret text English