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Shiur Author Category Media Language Community
Refuting the Christian interpretation to Bilam’s Prophecy – 5777 Rabbi Yossi Slotnick G. בלק - Balak text English שבת מציון
Is there is room for mercy in the laws of the murderer? – 5776 Rabbi Yossi Slotnick J. מסעי - Masei text English שבת מציון
Keriat Shema in Chaz”al and Second Temple Literature – 5776 Rabbi Yossi Slotnick הלכה - Halacha audio English Beit Midrash Boker
“Happy is the Man Who Places His Trust in God – This is Yosef” Rabbi Yossi Slotnick J. מקץ - Miketz text English
נעשה ונשמע Rabbi Yossi Slotnick E. יתרו - Yitro text English שבת מציון
“Of David: God is My Light and My Salvation” Rabbi Yossi Slotnick A. ראש השנה - Rosh HaShana text English
Seudah HaMafseket or Seudah Shlishit? – 5768 Rabbi Yossi Slotnick X. תשעה באב - Tish'a B'Av text English שבת מציון
Facing Yerushalayim During Davening – 5768 Rabbi Yossi Slotnick תפילה - Tefilah text English שבת מציון
The Brachah on Kneidlach and Matzah Brei – 5768 Rabbi Yossi Slotnick N. פסח - Pesach הלכה - Halacha text English שבת מציון
Seudat Purim on Shabbat Purim – 5768 Rabbi Yossi Slotnick L. פורים - Purim text English שבת מציון