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Shiur Author Category Media Language Community
Courage In Dark Times Sammy Jackman 4- ספר במדבר - Sefer Bamidbar text English
It’s All Beshert Sammy Jackman בחוקותי - Bechukotai text English
Learning From Miriam Sammy Jackman מצורע - Metzora text English
Where Is G-D? Where Is Man? Sammy Jackman ויקהל - Vayakhel text English
Of Death And Marriage Sammy Jackman יתרו - Yitro text English
Of Jews And Josephs Sammy Jackman וישב - Vayeshev text English
Winston Churchill and Lot Sammy Jackman וירא - Vayera text English
An Example of Success Sammy Jackman נח - Noach text English
Harnessing The Energy Sammy Jackman יום כיפור - Yom Kippur text English