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Shiur Author Category Media Language Community
“Give Me Children – Otherwise I am Dead” Rabbi Yehuda David G. ויצא - Vayetze text English
Reciting Hallel on Rosh Chodesh – 5768 Rabbi Yehuda David תפילה - Tefilah text English שבת מציון
Mitzvot HaT’luyot BaAretz: Remembrance and Hope – 5767 Rabbi Yehuda David הלכה - Halacha text English שבת מציון
The Mitzvah of Tosefet Shabbat – 5767 Rabbi Yehuda David שבת - Shabbat text English שבת מציון
The Blessing on a Granola Bar – 5767 Rabbi Yehuda David ברכות - Brachot text English שבת מציון