Beit Midrash Boker in Baka

Nestled in the heart of the Baka neighborhood of Jerusalem, in the Bet Midrash of Nitzanim synagogue we are proud to run a weekly English learning program called Beit Midrash Boker in Baka, which takes place every Thursday morning from 9am-12pm. 

Established in 2013, the program now has over 50 participants every week 

Dr. Harold Frolich, one of the lay leaders of the Baka community, formerly of Cleveland, Ohio, who helped establish the Beit Midrash, likens Beit Midrash Boker to a “laboratory for new, fresh, and exciting approaches to our traditional sources and traditional commentaries. One never walks out of the Beit Midrash at the end of the morning saying to oneself that he/she has heard that before. I think the roots of this approach are that the lecturers are all products of yeshivot in Israel, having come here as young adults, and learned a style which promotes innovation and intellectual reasoning. Their experience as Torah MiTzion shlichim allows them true really connect to the olim crowd”   

Connect with Torah MiTzion

Another founder, Phil Schwartz, formerly of Toronto, Canada, and now residing in Baka, stresses the “continuity provided by regular, weekly learning  that is Torah based and intellectually stimulating, with a small cadre of Rebbeim who challenge our minds, week in and week out.” 

Steve Gardner explains why he never misses a Thursday morning at the Beit Midrash: “The quality of the presentations is remarkable. The subject matter of virtually all the shiurim I have heard is wonderful, focusing on developing, cutting edge issues that have fascinating, complicated implications for the 21st century. The weekly shiurim are mind expanding, challenging, thought provoking and very much out of the box. Our Thursday mornings are so rich, valued and exciting that many other attendees share my sadness and sense of loss if for some reason we cannot attend.”  

Nearly all of the current teachers in the Beit Midrash Boker are former Rashei Kollel. 

Beit Midrash Boker in Baka is open to both men and women and is located in the Beit Midrash of Beit Knesset Nitzanim, Asher Street 3.  

The first shiur begins at 9:00 am and the program ends at noon. There is no fee for attendance. New participants are welcome and encouraged to come and learn.   

The secret is out. Come and learn! 

Previous shiurim can be found online here.
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