Last week end, Hasida participated in a special Shabbaton for Jewish students at Torah Mitzion’s Beit Midrash in Berlin, on ‘bulding a relationship’.

Almost 30 students attended the Shabbaton, and actively participated in different lectures, workshops and discussions. The Shabbaton gave important tools and guidance in different topics. Rabbi David Roberts, Rabbi of the KAJ community of Berlin also took part in the Shabbaton.

This Shabbaton was the initiative of our shlichim in Berlin: Eliezer and Rotem Noy, Eden and Lital Geva, and Shira Shemesh, after noticing the student’s difficulty and the need to help them build a strong relationship that will lead to marriage.

‏”Our Shlichim are at the forefront. In innovative and creative initiatives, they are facing the significant challenge of building Jewish families and caring for the future of the Jewish people.” Zeev Schwartz.

Amazing initiative!