Rabbis, public figures, former shlichim and friends took part in the Torah MiTzion book launch event of SHABBAT MITZION. 

The book is a compilation of articles on parashat hashavua (in English and in Hebrew) published in commemoration of 20 years of Torah MiTzion’s activity.

We were honored with the presence of Rabbi Chaim Sabbato, Rosh Yeshivat Ma’aleh Edumim, who gave a shiur and spoke of the imperative of being willing to be a shaliach of Am Yisrael.

 We were excited to host Elina Hoshen  who made aliyah from Munich two years ago

She shared how she first met our shlichim and was surprised to see ”normal” religious people she could identify with. She told us .of her first Shabbat meal, of the choice to keep kosher, and ultimately making aliyah and marrying in Israel