This year our Kollel in Munich, Germany is celebrating its 10th year!

Some 200 participants joined the festive occasion and recognized the impact of the Torah MiTzion shlichim in Munich, Bavaria and all of Germany. Torah MiTzion’s new clip, preformed by Aharon Razel, was played at the event.

We were honored with warm words of encouragement from the Chairman of Torah MiTzion Deutschland, Mr. Harry Haberman, President of the Jewish Community in Munich, Ms. Knoblach and representatives of the local Israeli consulate, Jewish Agency and the German Zionist Organization. The chief Rabbi of Munich also thanked all the partners and contributors who supported the Kollel over the years.


We also heard video messages from The Minister of Education, Naftali Bennet, the Chairman of The Jewish Communities of Germany, Dr. Schuster and Chairman of BTJ, Mr. Greenburg.

The Kollel’s success is thanks to the many shlichim and shlichot, especially Rabbi Yechiel and Sara Brukner and Mr. Tzvi Zvivel, who honored us with his presence. The Keynote speaker was Dr. Benny Gesundheit, who spoke about the Jerusalem in our hearts and the Torah that comes forth from Zion. Our alumnus,


We wish Torah MiTzion Deutschland many more years of impacting Jews, strengthening Jewish Identity and encouraging Aliyah!