Our Kollel in Moscow is celebrating its 20thyear!
Hundreds of Jews attended an impressive and festive event which was held this past Sunday. We were honored by the presence of Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, Chief Rabbi of Moscow and a long-time friend of Torah MiTzion and Mr. Gary Koren, the Israeli ambassador in Moscow, who read a message from the Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu.

Rabbi Yitzchak Neriya, Chairman of Torah MiTzion in Israel and Zeev Schwartz, Executive Director, both attended the event.

Kollel Torah MiTzion is one of the only Zionist centers in Moscow, and the sole Religious Zionist presence in the city. The Kollel provide dozens of weekly shiurim to all community members; from a Cheder for young children and till activities in the local old age homes. The Kollel is also responsible for Zionist events in the city, including the official Yom Ha’atzmaut ceremony, which is attended every year by the Israeli Ambassador.

It was amazing to see first-hand the enormous impact the Shlichim have had over time, and to experience the appreciation the community feels towards them.

May you have the merit of continuing to teach Torah and strengthen Jewish Identity for many years to come!