Many Israeli travelers come to the home of a ‘Lev Yehudi’ located in northern India at the foot of the Himalayas in front of snowy peaks and cedar forests, in the village of Bagsu – Dharamsala. ‘Lev Yehudi’ – ‘Torah MiTzion’.’ established the home in Dharamsala about twenty years ago with the understanding that Dharamsala is perhaps the best-known spot on the ‘Chickpea Trail’ and Israelis are part of a huge stream of travelers who come there to exchange energy and fill themselves with new content; Offering a variety of local workshops such as: yoga, goldsmithing, body and mind cleansing and more.

The inner search and mental leisure experienced by travelers who come to Dharamsala takes on another meaning in the ‘Lev Yehudi’ – the shlichim family of ‘Lev Yehudi’ – ‘Torah MiTzion’ invites travelers to a vibrant home full of Jewish spirit and inspiration.

Activities, workshops, uplifting Shabbat meals and significant holiday ceremonies, fascinating conversations on topics close to their hearts, discussion and sharing circles, group or fellowship lessons on the topics of the weekly parsha, Pirkei Avot, Tanach and other treasures of Jewish culture in a vivid and relevant way to their lives.

The deep value content, the connection between the extremes of the Israeli rainbow, the pleasant Jewish experience that the family and its children radiate and to which the travelers are exposed – keeps them closer to home, partners in the activity until the moment when they have to say goodbye with great difficulty and continue their journey.

But – not completely separated, in Israel, the shlichim meet the adult travelers with joy and love at special events, in workshops and lessons and in continuous and ongoing contact.



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This year’s shlichim:

Dan and Hadar Katz