Between green rice fields, huge rivers, huge rocks and spectacular sunsets in the village of Hampi-Sanpur in southern India is the home of ‘Lev Yehudi’ – ‘Torah MiTzion’.

Israeli travelers flock to the house from all over the south.

At ‘Lev Yehudi’, they meet a warm and welcoming family who even came out to meet them at the train station, offering them a hug, a place to rest from the shaking roads, activities, workshops, uplifting Shabbat meals and significant holiday ceremonies, fascinating conversations about topics close to their hearts, conversation circles and sharing, lessons in a group or in chavrutot on topics from the weekly parsha, Pirkei Avot, Tanach and other treasures of Jewish culture in a vivid and relevant way to their lives.

Travelers who came just for a trip found themselves bonding with the shlichim’s family and found they had discovered a treasure. The deep value & content, the connection between the extremes of the Israeli rainbow, the pleasant Jewish experience projected by the family and its children keeps travelers closer to home as active partners, until the moment when they have to say goodbye with great difficulty and continue their journey.

But – not completely separated, in Israel the shlichim meet the adult travelers with joy and love at special events, in workshops and lessons and in continuous and ongoing contact.


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Phone: 054-328-6986



This year’s shlichim:

Dan and Hadar Kats