Kollel Torah MiTzion of Manhattan is based in the Lincoln Square Synagogue, in the heart of Manhattan.

It is dedicated in memory of Lloyd Epstein z”l, dear friend of Torah MiTzion, who initiated and encouraged the establishment of the Kollel from its very beginning and continued to maintain contact with the shlichim and alumni over the years, keeping up chavruta learning with many of them.

LSS community members, in Identifying a resurgent thirst for Torah study on an individual, one-on-one level founded the first full-time Religious Zionist Kollel in the New York metropolitan area, offering a wide range of new and exciting educational opportunities that reflect a love of Torah, Eretz Israel and Am Israel.


The Shlichim have a daily morning seder at Yeshiva University. Later, over the course of the day, they include one-on-one chavrutot with community members.

Former Rashei Kollel are Rabbi Hillel and Neima Novetsky (1998-2000), Rabbi Binyamin z”l and Naomi Tabori (2004-2005), Rabbi Itiel and Avital Oron (2005-2007), Rabbi Harel and Ayelet Gordin (2007-2010).


The current Kollel is led by Rabbi Shaul Robinson, joined by bachurim Yechiel Rozenberg and Bezalel Racz



Lincoln Square Synagogue
180 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10023

Email: rabbi@lss.org

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2020-2021 Memphis's shlichim


This year’s shlichim:


Yechiel Rozenberg (Alon Shvut)

Bezalel Racz (Tekoa)