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Kollel Torah MiTzion in Montevideo, Uruguay, founded in 1997, is one of our most veteran kollelim. It is a part of the Yavne Institute in Montevideo, an educational institution that includes formal education from Kindergarten through High School, a synagogue, a university student group and an adult education center (CEJ).

In addition to their own internal learning, the Shlichim in Montevideo work daily with high school students, college students, and community members. Each Friday, the Shlichim put on a parsha play for the Kindergarten students. They run a Bar Mitzvah program and organize special community programming and activities year round.

The Kollel works together with Bnei Akiva, and the Shlichim serve as madrichim in the Bnei Akiva summer camp.

The Kollel in Montevideo has been led by Seven Roshei Kollel: Rabbi Yacov and Vardit Kruger (1997-1998), Rabbi Yaakov and Rachel Meir (1999-2001), Rabbi Shai and Michal Freundlich (2001-2005), Rabbi Zvi and Chen Elon (2005-2011), Rabbi Eliyahu and Natali Galil (2011-2013), Rabbi Daniel and Adi Illuz (2018-2019) and, Rabbi Yitzchak Preshel (2021-2022).

This year’s shlichim are Yoav Graniza and Asel Tzanani



Luis Cavia 2800
C.P.:1300 Montevideo – Uruguay

Tel: +598 2 2708 0100
Fax: +598 2 2707 0866

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Ilai Zaguri & Shai Shmueli


This year’s shlichim:

Inon (Ramat Gan) Orit  Cohen


Yair Stern (kiryat shmona)

Erel Yehuda (Alon Moreh)