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Beit Midrash Zichron Dov of Toronto is a home for Torah MiTzion. The Kollel was founded in 2009, and is headed by founding Rosh Beit Midrash Rabbi Mordechai Torczyner. The Kollel staff is comprised of families of Avrechim from across Israel, America, and Canada.
Housed in Yeshivat Ohr Chaim, the heart of the Kollel is the Beit Midrash, where the Avreichim engage in intensive study of Talmud, Halacha and Jewish thought in the mornings and afternoons.
At Or Chaim, students have individual opportunities to learn b’chavruta with Kollel fellows, participate in special chabura programs, and join the optional weekly Bekiut lunch program. Avreichim in the Beit Midrash also teach a daily 12th grade chabura at the school.
In conjunction with the JLIC Hillel, the Kollel runs a unique “Chaverim Program” for university students, which offers them the opportunity for an intensive daily morning seder and weekly shiurim in Or Chaim’s Beit Midrash.
The Kollel fellows spread Torah throughout the community with weekly Shiurim on a wide range of topics, one-on-one chavrutot, Shabbatonim, and special community programming for all ages. There is a particular emphasis on providing classes for professionals – lawyers, doctors, dentists and financial services professionals – on the practical applications of halachah and Jewish ethics in their fields. The Kollel also provides weekly classes in non-Orthodox venues, for the broader community. The Kollel partners with many community organizations, and especially Bnei Akiva.
Recently, the Kollel opened a new Women’s Beit Midrash, in tandem with JLIC and Bnei Akiva Schools, at Ulpanat Orot. Other women’s learning opportunities include “Midreshet Yom Rishon” programs for women around the city and three weekly classes just for women, one in Thornhill, one in Clanton Park, and one in the Shaarei Shomayim synagogue.



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Chaim and Shira Metzger


This year’s shlichim:

Rosh Beit Midrash:

Rabbi Mordechai Torczyner

Sgan Rosh Beit Midrash:

Rabbi Yehuda (Chevron) and Shulamit Mann


Idan (Maaleh Gilboa) and Prielle Rakovsky (Migdal Oz)