Over the last weekend, Zeev Schwartz, Yoav Cohen-Hadad and Hasida Pinchuk attended our second Shlichim conference this year, this time for the European shlichim. We also had the pleasure of hosting Gadi Tsadok, from our finance committee.

The conference takes place in a different community every year, which allows the staff and the shlichim to be exposed to varied models of operation in a wide range of community formats.

The Shabbaton took place in Berlin, and all our European shlichim joined us; The Zicherman, Anitaeb and Gregorian families from Moscow, The Brukner family from Munich, along with Hodaya Ben Ari and Eliana Silverman. We were hosted by the shlichim in Berlin, The Noy family, Adi Levitz and Noa Sirkin. The Zaretsky family from Warsaw was unable to attend due to happy family events.


On Thursday evening we participated in a Seudat Hodaya for Adi Levitz, who just two years ago suffered

from a severe life-threatening medical condition and recovered completely. Adi distributed ‘Thanksgiving Notebooks’, where everyone could list all the things they need to be thankful for.

In addition, the shlichim held multi-lingual learning sessions for the community.

Of course there were also professional sessions from the shlichim, given over by both the staff from Israel and the shlichim themselves. They also had time to visit historical Berlin, the local Jewish cemetery and even enjoyed local hummus.

We were happy to join the community over Shabbat. And hosted a Shabbat meal which was attended by many students.

As always, it was an amazing experience to see firsthand the impact our shlichim have on so many Jews in the community!