Over 300 former shlichim with their families, olim and visiting Capetonians had a great time meeting and reminiscing on Isru Chag.
Special guests included Yeshiva of CT founder Rabbi Jonathan Glass with his wife Tony and parents Selma & Mickey, who was celebrating his 80th b-day (‘ad meah v’esrim).

Torah MiTzion founder and executive director Zeev Schwartz greeted the crowd and praised Rav Johnny for his highly successful initiative at bringing a taste of religious Zionism to Cape Town via the over 140 shlichim who have served the Yeshiva of CT since its inception.  Many of the original shlichim from the first years of the Yeshiva were in attendance with their families resulting in many emotional encounters and hugs with former chavrutot, friends and olim  from CT.  Dorron Kline, CEO of Telfed (South African Zionist Federation) was also on hand to mingle with old friends and new olim.

Former Roshei Kollel Rav Yossi & Esther Slotnick, Rav Rafi & Sari Wolf, Rav Rafi & Avital Kadosh, Rav Ori & Tova Einhorn, Rav Nachum & Sarah Romm & Rav Moshe & Moriah Ordman reacquainted with both community members and their former ‘bachurim’/shlichim almost 20 years later, now with wives and children.
A special tribute was made to the many couples who married local Capetonian girls that met during shlichut. Travel agent Michelle Amiram generously donated the raffle grand prize of a return flight from TA to CT, won by Moshe Revivo – a highly popular former shaliach from the first few years of YCTs operation.
It was a wonderful celebration marking 20 years of shlichut in Cape Town