Torah Mitzion’s Impact

Educational Emissaries (Shlichim):

Our expertise is providing high-impact, dynamic, educational shlichim who learned advanced Torah studies and served in the IDF, thus exemplifying an idealistic model of commitment to both Judaism and Zionism. Their duties in the communities include one-on-one (chavruta) learning, formal and informal education, community events and hosting. We happily invite every Jew with a thirst to learn and connect to Judaism and Israel.

Over the past 25 years, we have dispatched 1,514 shlichim and shlichot. The shlichim learned 425,318 chavruta hours with community members, gave 91,728 lectures and arranged some 15,450 events with 1,031,349 participants!

The success stories they share are awe-inspiring; Families who take upon themselves to keep Shabbat in Warsaw, an entire high school in Washington on a delegation to Israel, young families in Buenos Aires who founded a new Beit Midrash, students from Munich who make Aliyah and more and more. The deep personal relationship forged between our shlichim and the community members last for many years, and create a living bridge between Israel and the Diaspora.

The impact our shlichim have over time is telling – more Jews who choose to learn Torah, more connection to Israel and more Aliyah.

Women’s Torah Learning:

One of our innovative and exciting projects is our ‘Women’s Learning Center’. These centers, run by our shlichot (female educational emissaries, both married and single) serve as a source of inspiration for girls and women in our host communities. They are empowered to independently learn and explore texts and traditions, and thus deepen their involvement and commitment to their Jewish identity. In turn, these women are encouraged to take leadership roles and positions in their communities.

While our existing female staff (shlichot) have done this de facto for many years, we are now formalizing and expanding the program; we will invest in personnel and marketing to recruit high quality candidates in Israel. Suitable candidates will then undergo a tailor made training program, focusing on leadership building skills and navigating possible resistance.

In addition to the impact this program will create in the communities hosting it, the program also offers aspiring women in Israel who have invested in advanced Torah learning an opportunity to take upon themselves significant leadership roles. Thus, these gifted women later utilize the tools they learn on shlichut to better Israeli society as well. (Online Interactive Beit Midrash):

Many Jews are searching for Jewish content and knowledge. Many are not part of a significant Jewish community that can provide that, let alone have access to Israeli shlichim. Those who don’t speak Hebrew or English will even have difficulty finding content online. 

For them we initiated ‘’; an online, interactive Beit Midrash that allows students from all around the world to listen to, and participate in high-level shiurim in German, Russian and French. The classes cover a wide range of subjects with a religious-Zionist orientation – Hebrew, Tanach, Israeli Hasbara, Jewish history, Jewish thought, Zionism and more.

We currently offer over 20 weekly classes, with some 500 dedicated learners and an archive of 3000 classes published online.

Jewish women in Torah class
Jewish classroom
Jewish men in temple
Jewish women and men around a table with food
Jewish women and men around a table with food