Last Friday we had the pleasure of hosting a 20 year reunion of Kollel Torah MiTzion in Melbourne. We were excited to meet dozens of our alumni, former Bat-Ami shlichot and of course many many olim.

With nearly 150 attendees, it was a powerful and meaningful event.

Our former Rashei Kollel and Roshat Midrasha attended – Rabbi Dr. Moshe and Hasida Pinchuk, Rabbi Noam and Rachel Himmelstein, Rabbi Avia and Noa Rozen, Rabbi Yonatan and Ilana Rosenzwieg, Rabbi Eload and Odelia Dahan and Rabbi Dudi and Chani Winkler.


We heard Warren Zauer, who served as President of Mizrachi Melbourne when the Kollel was founded, tell of the Kollel’s early days. Speaking on behalf of the alumni were Rabbi Dahan (Rosh Kollel, 2009-11), Chani Winkler (Roshat Midrash, 2011-14) and Yuval Ben-Yehuda (Bachur, 2011-12). Also Naomi Figdor, told of the impact the shlichim had on her, ultimately leading to her Aliyah.

The reunion was an excellent opportunity to recognize and honor some well deserving couples – Warren and Shirly Zauer, who was the president of the Mizrachi when the Kollel was established, Moshe and Betty Solomon, who were an integral part of the Mizrachi Beit Midrash for many years, and Rita and Menachem Broner, who we the adopted parents and home away from home for dozens of Bachurim over the years.

Today all of them have made Aliyah and we thank them for all they have done.


We also thank Danny Lamm (former and present president of Mizrachi), who has been a staunch supporter of the Beit Midrash and Midrasha since its inception and till today.


We wish the best to the current leadership of the Mizrachi of Melbourne. May you have the merit of spreading Torat Eretz Yisrael for many years to come!