Every childbirth entails certain dangers that allow us to desecrate the Shabbat, and therefore, after childbirth the mother must recite Birtkat HaGomel.

Usually, the mother is considered to be fully recovered seven days after the birth and she may then recite Birkat HaGomel. Sometimes, the post-natal weakness continues for thirty days, and the blessing would be recited after thirty days.

There are women who do not recite Birkat HaGomel after giving birth. For reasons of modesty, they are uncomfortable reciting the blessing before a group of ten men. The recitation of Birkat HaGomel is very important, and therefore there are those who suggest that the mother should stand in the women’s section of the synagogue while the husband recites the blessing as a fulfillment of his wife’s obligation and she answers Amen. There are others who state that the husband cannot fulfill the obligation for his wife, and therefore the mother must recite the blessing on her own. This is our custom.

There are women who take advantage of the first opportunity they have to recite the blessing in the presence of a Minyan, wherever that may be. Others will attend synagogue specifically for this purpose, and following the Torah reading or the completion of the services, will recite the blessing while standing in the women’s section. The congregation should answer her blessing with, Amen.