Rachel has had enough. Not only that she let Leah marry Jacob before she did, but now Leah is having kid after kid and she is remaining barren. Her bad feelings are expressed in the following pasuk: “give me children-otherwise I am dead” (30:1).

Jacob answers: “am I instead of god who has withheld from you fruit of the womb?”, If you have any problem you appeal to g-d not to me.

The sages didn´t feel so comfortable with Jacob answer and the Ramban asks:” is this the way to answer an aggrieved person?”
The question that should be asked is what wrong with Jacob behavior? Why are the sages accusing Jacob? He answered the right answer: you´ve got to the wrong “person”!

The answer is that the sages are giving us a lesson in how to be wise, not how to be right. Saying the truth in a way that will be accepted and not rejected.

This woman, Rachel, is suffering enough and you´re the last person to be angry with her. She needs you, Jacob, just to listen to here problems, not necessarily to solve them right now. In other words, Jacob you´re quite right! God is the address for any problems and requests, but you must be clever enough to know what to say and how to say at what time.