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Kikar Ha’atzmaut (Independence Square) is the central square of the city of Netanya and one of its most recognized symbols. The square was built in 1939 and was named “Wauchope Square” after Arthur Wauchope who was the British High Commissioner between 1931 and 1938. Wauchope is considered the most popular High Commissioner of the Zionist movement. In his era immigration increased significantly, conducting a policy of issuing certificates for as many as was thought the country could absorb.

After the establishment of the state of the square was renamed Independence Square.

The square has a statue to commemorate soldiers who fall during the War of Independence created by Moshe Zipper, and the famous lily-shaped fountain created by the artist Yitzhak Shmueli. Two years ago, the square underwent extensive renovations – and now has an large fountain at its center with water screens and colored water hoses, and a interactive ecosystem pool that includes large LED screens.

Netanya has the eighth largest city population in Israel and the largest of the the Sharon area. Netanya has long been a city that welcomes Olim, with new-comers from the former Soviet Union, Ethiopia, France, and in recent years from the England too. The city is named after the German-Jewish businessman and philanthropist Nathan Strauss, founder of Macy’s.