The Gamara in Shabbat (113a), states that ones Shabbat clothing should be different from his weekday garments. In fact, the Yerushalmi states in the name of Rav Chanina, that one should have two separate garments; one for Shabbat and one for weekday. Do shoes fall into this category and does one need to have a pair of shoes that he stets aside specifically for Shabbat?

In his responsa Rav Poalim, Rabbi Yosef Chaim claims that shoes are not considered to be a garment and therefore one does not need to separate a pair for Shabbat. He brings a fascinating proof from the morning benedictions where we bless G-d for “clothing the naked” but do not mention shoes in this regard. Rather a separate Bracha was instituted for them – “that he provides my every need.” Hence, we can deduce that concerning morning benedictions, shoes do not fall into the category of garments, and we can therefore apply it to our case and rule leniently.Other authorities disagree and claim that shoes do fall into the category of garments, and therefore there would be an obligation to separate a pair for Shabbat. The universal custom however seems to follow the lenient view, but one should at least be stringent to polish them in honour of Shabbat. One is worthy of praise however, if one separates a pair of shoes aside.