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Agriculture, Egypt, And Us Mordechai Ben Attar נשא - Naso text English
Birkat Kohanim: The Attachment Between Am Yisrael and the Almighty Shai Peretz נשא - Naso text English
The Unknown Way (back) to the Simple Meaning Rabbi Emanuel Cohn נשא - Naso text English
Eve of Renewal Rabbi Dror Brama במדבר - Bamidbar text English
The Power of Stability Shlomo Goldberg 4- ספר במדבר - Sefer Bamidbar text English
Courage In Dark Times Sammy Jackman 4- ספר במדבר - Sefer Bamidbar text English
The Power to Change Nature – 5768 Rabbi Yehuda Lapian בהעלותך - Behaalotcha text English שבת מציון
The Nation and the Land of  Israel – A Perfect fit Rabbi Yisrael Krengel שלח לך - Shlach Lecha text English שבת מציון
A Horse, An Artisan, And The Concealed Reward Meir Mulad בחוקותי - Bechukotai text English
It’s All Beshert Sammy Jackman בחוקותי - Bechukotai text English
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