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Shiur Author Category Media Language Community
We must occupy the whole land and preserve our Torah. Rabbi Dov Bigon ראה - Re'eh text English
A Remembrance of Weeping and of Hope Rabbi Ephrayim Back דברים - Devarim text English
The Sin of the Spies and Moshe’s Punishment Rabbi Mordechai Greenberg 5- ספר דברים - Sefer Devarim text English
Accepting Authority to Prevent Sin and Enhance Observance Chaggi Roth קרח - Korach text English שבת מציון
Not to be Side-Tracked Rabbi Chaim Perlmutter מסעי - Masei text English
Korban Hatamid – the Public Base of Avodat Hashem Rabbi Moshe Aberman פנחס - Pinchas text English
Zealous and Jealous Sinai Oron פנחס - Pinchas text English
Bilam and the World of Chesed Rabbi Moshe Aberman בלק - Balak text English
The Significance of the Story of Bilam’s Donkey Rabbi Elchanan Samet בלק - Balak text English
“Not in the Heavenly Academy” – Parshat Parah Shmuel Shattach חקת - Chukat text English
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