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Shiur Author Category Media Language Community
Means and Ends Rabbi Hanan Schlesinger בשלח - Beshalach text English שבת מציון
Don’t Hesitate – Make Haste! Arik Speaker בא - Bo text English שבת מציון
In the Name of God: The Possibility of Passion and Tolerance Rabbi Herzl Hefter 2- ספר שמות - Sefer Shmot text English שבת מציון
Aseret Yemei Tshuva Rabbi Baruch Plaskow תשעה באב - Tish'a B'Av text English
Appreciating the Land and the Holy Temple Rabbi Zalman Melamed תשעה באב - Tish'a B'Av text English
Shavu’ot in Eretz Yisrael Rabbi Yisrael Shachor שבועות - Shavuot text English
Chag HaShavuot: What Are We Commemorating? Chaim Kramer שבועות - Shavuot text English
The Customs of Shavu’ot Rabbi Baruch Plaskow שבועות - Shavuot text English
Is There A Meaning To The Mitzvot? Jonathan Eltes שבועות - Shavuot text English
Torah, Society and the Land Rabbi Yaakov Meir שבועות - Shavuot text English
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