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!None of us Actually Celebrated Shavu’ot Rabbi Yair Spitz שבועות - Shavuot text English שבת מציון
An Altar of Earth and an Altar of Gold – Two Approaches in the Service of God Itzik Amar תרומה - Trumah text English
Jewish Art Mordechai Ben Attar תרומה - Trumah text English
“They Shall Make For Me A Sanctuary” – When And Where? Yisrael Cohen תרומה - Trumah text English
The Merchant Of Venice And Jewish Jurisprudence Nir Grosman משפטים - Mishpatim text English
Why Should We Be Jewish? Yehoshua Stokar משפטים - Mishpatim text English
The Judge, The Judgment And The Altar Nir Grosman משפטים - Mishpatim text English
To Listen and Do, or to Do and Listen Yair Ullmann משפטים - Mishpatim text English
Vayichad Yitro Rabbi Elad Dahan יתרו - Yitro text English
The Greatness of Submission Rabbi Baruch Plaskow יתרו - Yitro text English