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Shiur Author Category Media Language Community
Love Story In The Slaughter House Elad Corsia ויקרא - Vayikra text English
Visible Means Of Support Dr. Binyamin Friedman ויקרא - Vayikra text English
For The Mishkan The Women Gave First Yael Plaskow פקודי - Pekudei text English שבת מציון
Thinking with Our Intellect and Wanting With Our Inclinations Shai Peretz פקודי - Pekudei text English
Structured Enthusiasm Meir Mulad ויקהל - Vayakhel text English
Where Is G-D? Where Is Man? Sammy Jackman ויקהל - Vayakhel text English
My Impure Army Pictures Avdiel Gross ויקהל - Vayakhel text English
The Golden Calf – Historical Perspectives Ariel Vardiger כי תשא - Ki Tisa text English
Women in Tanach – Elisheva Liat Jackman שמיני - Shmini text English שבת מציון
The Mishkan – Ideal Or Necessitated By Reality? Itai Klein כי תשא - Ki Tisa text English