Although the Psagot winery is relatively new, it has already gained significant international recognition.

The winery was founded in 2003 and has since grown steadily. Today, the winery produces nine different wines, and in 2012 production reached 200,000 bottles a year, many of which are exported abroad amidst threats of boycott.

The climatic conditions of the area – on the one hand sunny and on the other hand cold air – is considered excellent for growing grapes of wine quality. The vineyard sits at an altitude is 900 meters above sea level in the vicinity of the settlement of Psagot in the Binyamin region.

On the other hand the terrain itself is challenging for growing grapes – the vineyard is planted on calcareous and hard rock soil on ancient terraces. To help the vine to be absorbed in the soil there was a need to drill holes for each individual seed.

The new building of the winery and its visitor center overlook the magnificent Wadi Kelt, and offer a view of the Edom mountains of Jordan, from which one of the winery’s most successfull wines takes its name – Edom.

Psagot was established in 1981 by families from the Kerem BeYavne Yeshiva and from the Bait Vagan neighborhood of Jerusalem. The name Psagot comes both from the main street of Bait Vagan – Pisga street and from the fact that it is located on a mountain hill.