The home of one of the most important Jewish writers in modern times, the Nobel laureate Shai Agnon, is located in the Talpiot neighborhood of Jerusalem. 

This house was not his original house in the neighbourhood, but it was the place where he wrote most of his books and lived most of his years in Jerusalem. His first home in Talpiot and its contents were severely damaged during the “Tarpat” riots of 1929, which awoke traumas of his past, since his previous home in Germany was completely burned along with a large number of his manuscripts and a huge collection of books. 

With compensation received from The British Mandate and with the help of the Fund of German Jews, he built a new home adjacent to the previous one. The house was divided between the familial area and Agnon’s large study with its famous library.

Agnon used to complain about the noise of the passing by traffic which interrupted his concentration. In response the Jerusalem municipality turned the road into a one-way street, and put a sign that said: “Please keep quiet, author at work”.

Agnon was born under the name Samuel Joseph Czaczkes. He changed his name to Agnon following his first story which was published in Israel, titled ‘Agunot’.

His amazing and unique style was largely based on a combination of quotes from the Midrash, religious literature, and biblical tales.

The house is now a museum named “Agnon House in Jerusalem”, with a restored study family residences. It offers the public guided tours and educational seminars.