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The Need

Many Jews are searching for Jewish content and knowledge. Many are not part of a significant Jewish community that can provide that, let alone have access to Israeli shlichim. Those who don’t speak Hebrew or English will even have difficulty finding content online; While there is a lot of content available in German, French, Russian and Spanish, it is mostly either not Religious or not Zionist. Classic Tzioni-Dati content in these languages is very rare, but sometimes that is exactly the content needed.

For them we initiated ‘’; an online, interactive Beit Midrash that allows students from all around the world to listen to, and participate in high-level shiurim in German, Russian, French and Spanish. Running since 2012, the classes cover a wide range of subjects – Hebrew, Tanach, Israeli Hasbara, Jewish history, Jewish thought, Zionism and more.

The Vision will provide a high level, interactive platform for in-depth learning in German, French, Russian and Spanish. The online Beit Midrash will provide religious-Zionist content that is relevant and engaging to our target audience. Thus, we will create new learning networks in which participants will strengthen their Jewish and religious-Zionist identification, increase their Jewish literacy and develop the motivation and curiosity to learn more.