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After a brief stint of two years in 2001-2003, Torah MiTzion returned to Mexico City in 2014.

The Kollel serves the Yavne community in the Interlomas suburb and is located in the Yavne School and community, a K-12 school in Mexico City. The Shlichim work primarily with Yavne’s high school students and community members and arrange small group study sessions with the students.

The Shlichim start their day with Tefila with the students and continue with small group chavrutot with students and assisting in Hebrew and Torah classes. During the afternoons they learn with community members, participate in local Bnei Akiva peulot and initiate programs for community members and teens.

They also organize special events, holiday activities, Kumzitzes, and Shabbatonim.

Former Rashei Kollel include Rabbi Nachum and Rivka neriya (2001-2003), Rabbi Guy and Fentaye Tal (2015-2018), Rabbi  Otniel and Tzivia Fendel (2023-2024–)



Boulevard Magnocentro sur num. 2
Mexico City, 52787, Huixquilucan Edo. Mexico
Tel: (525) 36 18 02 22
(525) 36 18 02 23
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This year’s shlichim:

Rosh Kollel:

Otniel (Mercaz Harav) Tzivia Fendel


Adiya Friedman (Hispin)

Nevo levi (karnei shomron)

Benaya Bassist (Hispin)

Shavit Ziony (Rehovot)