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In 2018, the Bar-Or family, came to Nashville to begin the Torah MiTzion Community Beit Midrash, with the goal of enhancing the ideals of Torah and Zionism within the community and infusing it at large with a love of Torah and Israel.

The idea for this was conceived and jointly funded by Mr. Moshe and Libby Werthan and by Rabbi Saul Strosberg of Sherith Israel Congregation, whose dedication has allowed the Beit Midrash to flourish.

The Beit Midrash is housed in the local synagogue – Sherith Israel and operates in the Akiva Hebrew Day School.

The couple has full time teaching jobs at Akiva and JMS, and teaching at West End Synagogue twice a week. They are involved with community running Shabbat morning group for kids and hosting on Shabbatot and Chagim. They teach weekly shiurim in the community, including Parasha learning, learn 5-10 weekly chavruta sessions (one-on-one learning), initiate community-wide events and activities including Israel Programming.

To date, Nashville has hosted 2 Avreichim, Eitan and Tal Bar Or (2018-2020) and current Shlichim Nechemya and Batya Rosenfeld (2020 – current).

Spotlight on Nashville, USA:

Jews in Nashville: ~11,000

General Population: ~673,000

Year founded: 2018

Avreichim: 2




Kollel Administrator and Community Rabbi:

Rabbi Saul Strosberg:

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Rosenfeld Family


This year’s shlichim:

Nechemya and Batya Rosenfeld

Moshe and Hadas Hovav