Last Thursday Rabbi Yonatan Seror, Rosh Beit Midrash of Kollel Torah MiTzion in Brussels was officially nominated as the rabbi of the Shaari Tzion community in the city. The shul was full of community members who came to honor Rabbi Seror, his wife, Elisheva, and their seven children, All of whom arrived in Brussles in September to establish a new Torah MiTzion Kollel, as well as leading one of the communities in the capital of the European Union.

The coronation was attended by Rabbi Gigi Shlit”a, Chief Rabbi of Belgium, Moris Tal, President of the Shaarei Tzion community. The district manager, as representative of the local municipality and Rabbi Eliyahu Birenboim Head of Strauss-Amiel. Arik Speaker, Head of European Desk, represented Torah MiTzion. Arik, who who himself grew up in Belgium, has been the pushing force behind the new Kollel since its inception.


Under the title of “Seror Against Terror” many of the speaker expressed their hope that his leadership will help guide and protect the community from the dangers they face in the future.

Rabbi Seror received his nomination agreement; an informal agreement between the Rabbi and his community, which established a relationship of trust, respect and mutual obligations between the parties. It ended with a prayer that the ‘shidduch’ will be a blessed one.

We congratulate the Seror family and wish them much luck as shlichim spreading Torat Eretz Yisrael in Brussels!