This past Shabbat, Parashat Lech-Lecha, we ran our annual North American Shlichim Shabbaton, along with our staff who came all the way from Israel – Executive Director, Zeev Schwartz, with Head of Shlichut Department, Yoav Cohen-Hadad and Hasida Pinchuk.

This was the first time the convention was hosted by the local Jewish community in Mexico City. The Kollel there reopened in 2014, and this was an amazing opportunity to create a significant community-wide impact. The shlichim served as the focal point for the "Shabbat Project" activities, as well as in the schools and shuls. 
One of the memorable event took place on Shabbat Morning, when all the members of the Yavneh Shul, of all ages had a chavruta learning session, with the shlichim, and then a shiur by Rabbi Guy Tal, our local Rosh Kollel.
The unique location of the shabbaton also allowed, for the first time, our shlichim from Montevideo, Uruguay, to participate, which made the mutual learning and exchange of ideas much more rich and diverse. We also enjoyed the company of Rabbi Shai and Michal Froindlich, a former Rosh Kollel in Montevideo, and currently rabbi of the neighboring community in Mexico City. 

We also had the pleasure of honoring Nathan Feldman, President of the Community, and Rachel Feldman, Chairperson of the Yavneh School, for their tireless efforts to strengthen the Torah MiTzion Kollel in Mexico.

The shlichim had a great time and returned to their own communities reinvigorated and full of new and exciting ideas!

We thank the amazing community of Yavneh, Mexico City for the warm hospitality, we felt right at home!
And of course an extra thank you to Rabbi Guy and Fentaya Tal and their children, Roi, Sinai, Chen, Cherut, Tamar, Roni and Achinoam for masterminding the logistics of our visit.