This past weekend Zeev Schwartz, Hasida Pinchuk and Yoav Cohen-Hadad joined our annual North American Shlichim Convention which took place in Toronto, Canada

The Torah MiTzion staff visits our various sites periodically, as the visits allow us to deepen our understanding of each community’s needs, as well as to witness firsthand the shlichim’s activity, successes and challenges

Rabbi Elan Mazer, Executive Director of Mizrachi Canada, oversaw the convention, along with the wonderful Attar Peleg. We were happy to be hosted by the Shaarei Shamayim community throughout the weekend

Rabbi Yechiel Wasserman, Head of The Department of Religious Services in The Diaspora, honored us with his presence and shared from his rich experience as well. We also had the pleasure of being hosted for a festive dinner by David and Sarina Koschitzky, who are lontime supporters of Torah MiTzion specifically and the world of Torah learning and Religious Zionist activity in general. Besides the delicious meal, we also enjoyed a siyum masechet Shvuot by Boaz Silverman, a bachur in Kollel Montreal


On Thursday we held a panel discussion of Rashei Kollel in the BAYT congregation. They discussed the difficulty in connecting between communities abroad and The State of Israel

Friday was dedicated to educational activities in the community, and the shlichim spent the morning learning in Chavruta with local high school students; In the Yeshiva High School ‘Ohr HaChayim’, led by Rabbi Itiel Oron (Rosh Kollel, Washington) and in the Ulpena ‘Orot’, lead by Orit Azugi (Memphis). In addition, the bachurim led a fun activity in the ‘Netivot Torah’ middle school

On Motzei Shabbat we watched a movie directed and produced by Emanuel Cohen (Montreal, 2001-03), ‘The Little Dictator’, followed by an in-depth discussion with many community members who joined us

The Shabbaton ended with a fun activity for the shlichim – a trip to the Niagara Falls

B”h we were blessed with unusually pleasant weather, which felt like it came from Israel to keep us warm