In 2023, the Guberman family came to Ottawa to begin the Torah MiTzion Community Beit Midrash, with the goal of enhancing the ideals of Torah and Zionism within the community and infusing it at large with a love of Torah and Israel.

This project was initiated and brought to fruition by Rabbi Idan Scher of Machzikei Hadas and Rabbi Aryeh Kravetz of Congregation Beit Tikvah, whose dedication has allowed the dream of this Beit Midrash to become reality.

Kollel Torah MiTzion Ottawa is bringing Torah to members of the kehilla across the city, teaching at Torah Day School of Ottawa, and also leading regular beit midrash and learning programs for men, women, youth, and teens at Machzikei Hadas, Beit Tikvah of Ottawa, Ottawa Torah Centre, NCSY, and the Jewish Community Centre.

In addition to those regular classes, they are organizing special community-wide Yarchei Kallahs, Shabbatonim, and Israel programming.

In the short time that they have been in Ottawa the Gubermans have already had a massive impact, organizing a community-wide learning and tefilah program for Israel, and bringing a ruach of Eretz Yisrael and Medinat Yisrael to the shuls and schools with energy and passion.

To date, Ottawa has hosted 1 family, Elisha and Yiska Guberman (2023-current).


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This year’s shlichim:

Elisha and Yiska Guberman