Chodesh Tov – Month Programs

These models include month long programs relating to specific ‘busy’ periods on the Jewish calendar.  Experienced Torah MiTzion shlichim will join your community and offer a breath of fresh air.  Options include:

  • Jewish people holds an Israeli flagTishrei – invigorate your community and/or day school in experiencing the holidays of the month of Tishrei and start the year on the right foot
  • Kislev – light up your community and your marking the Chanukah holiday with special study seminars, retreats and festive celebrations
  • Iyar – celebrate Yom Ha’atsmaut and Yom Yerushalayim with a true taste of Israel and the deeper significance of these momentous events
  • Summer break – shlichim are available to run summer camps and retreats with high impact on the campers

Month long programs require a lead time of at least six months in order to plan out the program and recruit appropriate shlichim. In order to maximize our effectiveness in a short burst of activity, only alumni of a long-term shlichut will be chosen for the program.