Women’s Batei Midrash 


In recent years, Religious  Zionist Midrashot in Israel have trained a growing array of woman Torah scholars, who can serve as a much-needed role model for women of all ages in the Diaspora. Our Women’s Batei Midrash program utilizes this tremendous resource in order to the benefit Diaspora communities.  

Torah MiTzion recruits and trains these promising Talmidot Chachamim (both married and single) to impact Jewish communities in the same way our Kollel Tzioni has operated for over two decades.  

The shlichot, under the guidance of a Rosh Midrasha (male or female), will initiate various educational frameworks from which to engage women within the host community. The shlichot have set learning hours every day under the guidance of the Rosh/at Midrasha in order to maintain their development as ‘talmidot chachamot’, much like within the Kollel Tzioni model

It is important to note that when a Roshat Midrasha is recruited, her husband will also serve as a shaliach in an educational role within the community as well. 

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