40e82585-3ecc-499c-a53d-195e9077b6b1Over 300 people attended two Shlichut fairs on Wednesday and Thursday, held by the newly formed Center for Religious Zionist Shlichut. The fairs, one of which was in Tzafira and one in Jerusalem, were meant for families and singles who wanted to learn more about the world of Shlichut and the different organizations that send Shlichim abroad. Hasida Pinchuk, who currently works for Torah MiTzion as the coordinator of Midreshet Tzion and as an advisor to shlichim, spoke on behalf of Torah MiTzion about her inspiring experience on Shlichut in Melbourne (1998-2001) as one of the founding Rosh Kollel families.

Both nights ended with a fair where attendees could learn more about each organization and begin the application process. In addition to Torah MiTzion staff members Zeev Schwartz (Executive Director), Yoav Cohen-Hadad (Head of Shlichut Department), and Arik Speaker (Head of European Desk), former Shlichim including Rav Meir Maimon (Memphis 2011-2014), Efraim Rimel (Chicago 2010-2014), Shalom Orkabi (Montreal 2014-2015), and Gabi Finkelstien (Melbourne 2014-2015) all came to represent Torah MiTzion.

The fairs were initiated and organized by The World Mizrachi Movement and by Ohad Tal, the head of The Center for Religious Zionist Shlichut, a joint project of The World Mirzrachi, Torah MiTzion and World Bnei Akiva.