Last week we hosted a successful event for our returning shlichim in Jerusalem. We chose a park as our venue, where we had bouncy castles, cotton candy and popcorn, for the young and young at heart. We enjoyed the sun and the opportunity to catch up and share experience. Over 30 bachurim and 4 families joined us, and for the first time we also invited alumni from previous years, 10 of which attended as well!
At the event we awarded the shlichim a certificate signed by The Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi, Rav David Lau, Chairman of Jewish Agency, Natan Sharansky, Chairman of WZO, Avraham Duvdevani, and on behalf of Torah MiTzion – Rav Yitzchak Neriya and our Executive Director, Zeev Schwartz. 

Dudi and Shoshana Yaberboim presented the shlichim with a book on the simanim of Rosh Hashana in memory of their son Eyal z"l, who was murdered in a terror attack 13 years ago. Eyal was a shaliach in Montevideo, Uruguay. This is our way of keeping his memory alive. We also honored Yona Egert and Shimon Cohen from the insurance agency Egert and Cohen, marking 20 years of a fruitful partnership.

After receiving the awards and books, the families and bachurim broke off for sessions with our staff to summarize their shlichut.

B"H the returning shlichim will have a soft landing and find a way to continue their shlichut in Israel