Last Friday we had the pleasure of hosting our annual returning shlichim event in Jerusalem. 
For the second time we held the event in a sunny park, and the Bachurim enjoyed a spirited (and amusing) game of Bubble Goal.
The Bachurim had a discussion with Chani Winkler (former Roshat Beit Midrash in Melbourne) They shared experiences and stories, and discussed acclimating back in Israel, and getting used to no longer being a ‘shaliach’, with the status it brings. Over 20 bachurim, along with the Levine (Montreal, 2015-17), Bloom (Warsaw, 2013-17) and Porat (Washington. 2014-17) families attended, and even some former Bachurim from previous years who shared their perspective as well.
The shlichim were awarded a certificate, signed by Rabbi David Lau , The Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi, Natan Sharansky, Chairman of The Jewish Agency and Avraham Duvdevani, Chairman of The World Zionist Organization. Signed on behalf of Torah MiTzion – Zeev Schwartz, Executive Director and Rabbi Yitzchak Neriya, Chairman. 
David and Shoshana Yaberboim gave each shaliach a copy of the book ‘Zechuyot Karimon’, which was published in memory of their son Eyal hy”d. Eyal was a shalich in Montevideo and was killed in a terror attack on Rosh Hashana 14 years ago.
We are extremely proud of our alumni; it is heartwarming to hear so many shlichim who are already planning how to continue being a shaliach for Am Yisrael back in Israel as well.

Once A Shaliach – Always A Shaliach!