This week we had the pleasure of hosting all of our future Bachurim for a 4 day training seminar in the KKL-JNF center in Nes Harim

The seminar included varied professional and Torani units, such as Halachick Issues on Shlichut, Technological Tools, A workshop on preparing promotional videos and a lecture on public speaking

As part of their preparations, the bachurim met current and former shlichim, Olim and visiting community members and educators. Each one of them shared the unique needs and challenges of each community

The participants also had a leadership ODT workshop in Neot Kedumim, where they had a opportunity to herd sheep, draw water from a well and build sand castles


The intense seminar is a great opportunity to create a significant connection and relationship between our staff and the shlichim as well as between the shlichim themselves. Looking forward, the shlichim will begin preparing for their shlichut in earnest. Yoav Cohen Hadad, Head of Shlichut Department, will guide them as they start interviewing for communities and building mishlachot

We are very excited to see yet another cadre of highly motivated and dynamic shlichim