Being mourned by the entire house of Israel

Elana Jackson A friend of Torah MiTzion  Currently head Nurse of SHEKEL – Inclusion for People with Disabilities Click Here for the PDF version   Towards the end of Parshat Chukat the ceremony of Aaron HaCohen’s death is described.  After, the verse tells us...

Parashat Chukat

Rabbi Avraham Kannai Rav of “Mitzpe Ramot” congregation in Jerusalem and Clinical psychologist Former Rosh Kollel in Memphis TN (2005 – 2008) Parashat Chukat

פרשת חקת

Rabbi Yehuda Susman Former Rosh Kollel in Chicago (2000-2002) Currently Rosh Yeshivat Eretz HaTzvi Parash”ut Hashavua – Chukat

The Role of Revelation 5779

The Role of Revelation Parashat Chukat By Rabbi Mordechai Torczyner‏ Rosh Kollel YU TMT Zichron Dov, Toronto The haftorah of Parshat Chukat presents the tragic figure of Yiftach, from approximately 300 years after the Jews entered the Land of Israel. In Yiftach’s...

“No such thing as deaf ears “

Rabbi Aaron Greenberg JLIC Rabbi in Toronto   “No such thing as deaf ears ” In memory of my father Refoel Yechiel Meir Shlomo ben Chaim Tzvi z”l whose yerzheit is the 11th of Tammuz This week’s Parsha is not the first time that Moshe is...

The Red Heifer – Why here? – 5777

Gabi Raiss Former Shaliach in Cape Town (2001-2002) Currently Tour Guide in The David’s Citadel Museum   The Red Heifer – Why here?   In this week's parsha we read about a very special Mitzvah, the Red Heifer, who's ashed purify the...

Chukat – 5777

Rav Gideon Weitzman Former Rosh Kollel in Kansas City Currently Head of the English Speaking Section of the Puah Institute Chukat – audio class