Over the past week, from Wednesday through Sunday, we held the summer training seminar for the 2015-16 shlichim.

The seminar took place in Migdal Oz in Gush Etzion, and it included a wide variety of lectures; from an introduction the rhetoric, through learning about the local communities till tools for effective pro-Israel Hasbara.

B”h, the shlichim and the staff have developed a strong connection which will serve us well in the upcoming year.

On Sunday evening, July 12th, we celebrated our annual Birkat Haderech send-off event, which took place in the Jerusalem College of Technology, Machon Lev.

Along with the staff, shlichim and their families, we were honored by the presence of: Mr. Uri Ariel, Minister of Agriculture, Rabbi Yehuda Brandes, Head of the Hertzog College, Rabbi Doron Peretz, CEO of The World Mizrachi Movement, Mr. Gael Grunwald, Vice Chairman of the KKL-JNF and others.

It was a significant event for our shlichim’s families.
The crowd was also surprised by a lone soldier named Noam, who made Aliyah from Montreal. He told the participants: “I’m not really a lone soldier, since I always have the Torah MiTzion shlichim to go to…”

In this past year Torah MiTzion shlichim, from Montevideo to Moscow,
learnt more than 14,000 hours of Chavruta with community members,
gave over 3000 shiurim
and organized some 500 community events.

We wish the outgoing shlichim to continue this amazing legacy.
May they have a fruitful and significant year!